PhoWheels is a family-based business. Growing up in Houston, Texas and being surrounded by the vast flavors of authentic Vietnamese food both from local eateries and in our own home kitchen, we love to eat. Inspired by the comfort foods we’ve grown up with, it has become our labor of love and we want to satiate the hungry mouths of DCists who crave delicious food on a dime budget! Sharing is what it’s all about. We believe that the customer is the core component to our success and deserve the highest quality of service. Our guests should come into our Truck with great expectations and leave with satisfaction. We’ve fine-tuned the spices in all our recipes, aiming for the perfect balance of flavor and texture. Our focus is on traditional Vietnamese food delivered in a modern interpretation. You’ll find ever-changing contrast of flavors, temperatures and textures with each bite and sip. PhoWheels is a place where people come together to enjoy the fusion of spice, texture, and culture – where comforting favorite dishes blend seamlessly with bold new flavors.

Our Food: The inspirations of our dishes aren’t wholly Vietnamese. You may have guessed: influence is from the many of years of Chinese domination and as well as French colonialism in Indochina. Vietnamese food is a true crossroad of cultures, incorporating cooking methods and ingredients from both cultures.

Tweet us or Like us on Facebook to see our updates, menu items, specials and location – we’re never far and our truck is open to serve you from lunch to the wee hours. The PhoWheels Truck is always on the move in Washington, DC. We encourage all Pho-natics to try us out, you’ll love its comfort and the taste will have you coming back time and time again. We’ll go where ever our followers really need us. Request us via your preferred social media platform and we’ll try to make a special visit to your area. In addition to our main menu, we’ll have daily special menu items as well.

We hope we have inspired you to wander into the wonderful world of Vietnamese food. Hopefully, you can wander to PhoWheels to toast with a cup of Vietnamese iced coffee to serious eats for expanding your eating horizons!

TIP: How to eat Phở 

The best way to eat Phở is steaming hot. Phở is usually eaten with both chopsticks and a spoon as phở lovers want to be sure to enjoy every drop of the rich and satisfying broth. We know it can be difficult eating the delicious noodles without dripping broth or noodles down the front of you, but it takes practice. Take off your glasses if you’re wearing any, they will steam up and become useless anyhow. Tie back your hair in a pony-tail if it’s longer. Hope that you’re not wearing a pristine white shirt, there’s a splatter factor here. Spoon in one hand, chopsticks in the other. When one discrete mass of noodles can be lifted with a piece of meat and sprouts, hoist away! Chow down like wildfire! Scoop a little broth in the spoon and voila! Each sip of the beefy broth will sooth your soul. Happy slurping!